Why Choose Roadhouse Roofing?

It's simple really. All of these roofing services are standard - no extra charge!

Illustration of roofing services.

Book your roof installation with Roadhouse Roofing and receive all of these comprehensive benefits:

  • We remove and dispose of old shingles.
  • We replace roof deck board as required.
  • We install 6 feet of ice and water membrane to protect against water back up and ice damming, ensuring at least 3 feet inside the interior wall to meet code.
  • We cover the balance of the roof in premium synthetic underlayment.
  • We install new drip edge to protect the roof deck.
  • We remove existing roof venting and exhaust flashing and upgrade to premium venting solutions.
  • We install additional roof vents as required to ensure roof has proper and sufficient ventilation.
  • We clean out your eavestroughs.
  • We trim overhanging branches at your request.
  • We finish every job with meticulous site clean up.

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Roadhouse Roofing

Regina's Locally Owned, Father & Son Roofing Team

With over a decade of professional roof installation and repair experience, our team of roofing contractors is pleased to bring high quality, affordable roofing solutions to Regina, Moose Jaw and area. With Roadhouse Roofing, you've got reliable roofing services delivered on time and on budget.

Give your home curb appeal with a choice of the highest quality, guaranteed roofing shingle options from CRC (CanRoof) and Owens Corning. Call Roadhouse Roofing - where reliability and quality peak!

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